Metal consoles

Metal consoles are beautifully designed decorative additions, both in homes with minimalist style, and in professional spaces that need a modern and elegant decorative touch of furnishings. Our consoles can be used as auxiliary furniture or as furniture for buffets or for your cellar, as well as as a base for cups, medals, vases and other decorative items that enjoy a prominent place in your home.

Give your space innovative aesthetics and an absolutely dynamic luxury that only Lametall can offer you. Combine your metal consoles with metal armchairs and metal tables for elegant industrial style in your space. Complement the character of a room with metal stools and metal sofas. Take off the aesthetics of a minimalist office with the clean lines and modern design of Lametall's furniture and metal partitions.

Create a unique interior design in your space that your guests will appreciate and will surely remember for a long time. Highlight the character of your business through the quality and dynamics that the metal furniture exudes.

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