Arianna – Armchair made of Solid Black Metal and Velvet Cover


Luxurious, minimalist metal armchair made of solid black metal and velvet cover.

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The metal armchair Arianna impresses with its unique design, on first sight. It follows with mathematical precision, using pure volumes and geometricalities, which blends harmoniously with the construction materials and produce a perfect result.

Metal is an element of nature with characteristics of precision and simplicity, while it symbolizes integrity. The design of the furniture has included these features in the study of Arianna, with the result exuding these qualities.

The soft velvet cover that comes in two shades (black and white-gray), adds comfort to the aesthetics. This addition completes the integrity of the armchair and makes it an ideal choice, both for private residentials and business premises, which choose luxurious decoration with minimal abstractions.

The metal rods that form the basis of the armchair, create an elegant game with light and shadows, and offer a unique aesthetic result. Whether from natural light sources, such as a window, or with the use of an artificial lighting you choose, this armchair will fill the field around it with its shadow. In this way, the Arianna armchair is a dominant entity in the space, but without it being lade, and it’s also a point of reference and admiration for your guests.

Place it alone, as a complementary element in your living room or in some corner with an auxiliary table for relaxation and tranquility. Combine it easily with other LaMetall armchairs for even more impressive results. You can also place it in professional waiting areas, either in your office, offering your partners or customers comfort and elegance.

The metal furniture completes and highlights the aesthetics of your space. Quality raw materials and their professional design promises durability and resilience, while the aesthetic design behind the design exudes a dynamic luxury, which draws inspiration through the simplicity and purity of shapes and forms.

  • Dimensions:60cm (length) x 80cm. (width)
  • Armchair base: Solid black metal
  • Fabric: Velvet

60cm (L) x 80cm (W)



Base color


Fabric Color

White, Black, Orange

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