Meandros – Metal Table with Glass


Living room table of ancient Greek style in minimal design and industrial aesthetics.


The Meandros living room table combines the ancient Greek style with minimal, abstract aesthetics and industrial materials in a unique innovative result. The solid frame made of black metal and elegant meandering at the base of the glass surface, turns this table into a statement addition to the space.

It is combined with a strict style of decoration that includes simple forms, white surfaces, brightness and purity, referring to classicism. The table top is durable, round with no contour. The glass that has been used is extra durable and its transparency allows the light to diffuse abundantly.

Its discretion in space, offers you a variety of options in the decorative elements that will frame it. Choose a rich indoor plant and solid wooden or marble decorations, perfectly matching the naturalness of metal and glass.

Choose to combine the Meandros table with a Metal Sofa LaMetall, for an industrial chic effect of elegance, perfectly suited to the Greek element that is expressed abstractly and harmonized with modern trends. Our suggestion is a white or black Ella sofa, which converses with the characteristics of the Meander, while at the same time it is complemented by it and highlighted.

Beyond homes, this table is a sophisticated solution for professional spaces with a strict profile, such as law firms and offices of political figures. Place it in waiting areas but also in "empty" spaces, touching a rich fern on it or use it as a "base" for a prize or an object of sentimental value.

Finally, its classic round shape with the frame that opens at the top and bottom, uses elements of traditional furniture, which cause nostalgia. At LaMetall we can combine elements of traditional design with modern trends, creating a modern and abstract result, with references to both the past and modern aesthetics.

  • Dimensions: 75cm (D) x 40cm (H)
  • Table base: Black solid metal
  • Surface: Extra clear glass, 10mm thick

75cm (D)

Surface Material

10mm Glass

Base Material


Base color


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