Rocco – Round Metal Coffee Table with Glass


Coffee table with industrial aesthetics, minimalist elegance and robust construction.

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Rocco is more than just a coffee table. It is a decorative element of contemporary art, a statement combination of industrial style and high, elegant aesthetics made of black metal, thick black glass (thickness 10mm) and a total diameter of 80cm.

This table is dominated by clean lines with constant intensity, exuding relaxation and dynamism, the main features of the authentic industrial design. Faithful to the principles of minimalist design, it combines usability with abstract style, which however fills the space, and stands by itself, highlighting it.

Metal is an element of nature with characteristics of precision and simplicity, while symbolizing integrity. Black glass is an earth element that gives strength to metal and symbolizes wisdom and knowledge. The round shape of the table is the shape-symbol of the metal and fits perfectly with the glass, while it also helps in the smooth flow of energy in the space.

The choice of natural elements and their combination, represent the industrial, minimalist design and work relaxingly in the environment they are in. They are harmoniously combined with all the color palettes that prevail in the other decorative options and for this reason, the Rocco table is not just a furniture market, but an investment. The durability of its materials gives it resistance, while its geometric design will fit perfectly with any future decorative change you will make.

LaMetall metal furniture completes and highlights the chic industrial aesthetics of your space. The quality raw materials and their professional design promises durability, while the aesthetic design behind the design exudes a dynamic luxury, which draws inspiration through the simplicity and purity of the shapes.

The Rocco table can be used both in residential and luxurious business premises that want to stand out and inspire determination. Choosing a LaMetall table, you choose an innovative and innovative design that will be worthy of even the most demanding expectations.

  • Dimensions: 80 cm. (diameter)
  • Table base: Black metal
  • Surface: Black Glass (thickness 10 mm)

80cm (D)

Surface Material

10mm Glass

Base Material


Base color


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