Rondell – Set of metal coffee tables


Set of living room tables, minimal design, with metal & glass of high durability.


The Rondell table set consists of two round tables: the main table with 100cm. diameter and an auxiliary, diameter 75 cm. The auxiliary is placed under it mainly, through a clever and aesthetically perfect opening at the base of the skeleton of the first.

Rondell tables are an ideal addition in confined spaces. The thin and industrial frame of solid black metal and the surface of glass 10mm thick, makes this furniture almost invisible in space. Its discreet design does not tire the eye, since it lets the light pass abundantly and does not create shadows, making the space brighter. A second reason that the Rondells fit perfectly in small rooms, is the saving of space with the practical design, which stores the auxiliary table under the main one.

Their strict industrial design combines the industrial trend with high aesthetics of strict style, making them an excellent addition to professional spaces, such as law firms or waiting areas in dispensaries. In houses that have minimal industrial décor, the Rondell tables are fully harmonized with the space, but without being "lost" in their environment, since they are easily highlighted with a monochrome decorative element of pure volume.

Another reason to choose the Rondell set for one's home is their circular shape, without sharp corners. The absence of corners and the durability of the glass surface, gives the tables features that are friendly for homes with children or pets. Both the safe glass surface and a metal frame, are not easily destroyed and do not create causes of an accident in the house.

The circle symbolizes completeness, perfection, completion and the eternal, since it has no beginning and no end. Its earthy materials, metal and glass give tranquility and naturalness to the space, while LaMetall'sLaMetall's design transforms minimal furniture into elegant works of art of modern aesthetics, with the simultaneous classicality of clean volumes and lines.

  • Main table dimensions: 1m (D) x X (H)
  • Auxiliary table dimensions: 75cm (D) x 40 (H)
  • Skeleton: Black solid metal
  • Surface: Extra clear glass, 10mm thick

100cm (D) + 75cm (D)

Surface Material

10mm Glass

Base Material


Base color


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