Serena – Armchair made of Solid Black Metal and Velvet Cover


Luxurious metal armchair in minimal design made of solid metal and velvet cover.

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The Serena metal armchair Serena is distinguished for its elegant and fine lines, its modern inclined design and its comfortable seat surface, covered with high quality velvet, in 4 impressive shades:

  • Red: Its bright color makes the red serena armchair an addition statement. It attracts the eye immediately, becomes the focus of a space and noticeably indicates its presence, with its new age baroque style.
  • White: The white tint is an all time classic choice. White velvet symbolizes proximity and comfort and fits perfectly into exuberant style of décor, but also into minimal interior design of Scandinavian inspiration. White tends to calm the look, so choose the white Serena for the places where you calm down, enjoying the comfort offered by its innovative design.
  • Black: Another classic choice, black velvet is distinguished for its luxury and the determination it exudes. These two qualities make the black velvet an ideal addition in elegant professional spaces, but also in private spaces with luxurious design.

For Serena's base, LaMetall offers two options, the first being the solid black metal, for absolutely timeless value. The black compact frame promises durability and matches all the decorative options and modifications that you will make in the future. The second option is solid metal in classic color with brushed metal, for a more industrial and modern style.

A landmark of minimalist furniture, this armchair can stand alone in a space and transform it, without any other addition. Choose more than one Serena armchair in various colors to fully equip your living room or combine it with the Arianna armchairs for an even more modern, special and personalized result.

  • Dimensions: 60 cm. (length) x 76cm. (width)
  • Base: Black solid metal
  • Fabric: Velvet (red, black, white)

60cm (L) x 76cm (W)



Base Material


Base color


Fabric Color

Red, White, Black

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