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At Lametall we started designing furniture in 2010 and until today we remain faithful to our vision for a functional and beautiful solutions for every space. Our mission is to use quality raw materials and with creative design to manufacture furniture and custom solutions that will accompany people's lives for many years to come. Metal is a key element of our products. That's why we have invested a lot in search of top materials and know-how regarding its processing.

Behind the name Lametall there are designers, craftsmen and customer care people who take care of the best service and satisfaction of the customers. Whether you want to furnish a small room, a store, a restaurant, or your company's offices, Lametall's team is here to help you with that.

The search for ideas and experimentation never stops for us. A great new design comes through constant testing and "matching" of materials. We love as much as anything else new - fresh ideas, to think "outside the box" and the design that catches the eye and monopolizes the interest.

We want our work to speak for us before us. So, we do our best and channel all our creativity and energy to make furniture that you are going to love.

Of course, apart from the furniture, we are interested as much as anything, the most special works, which come to "connect" right in your space and shape it as you have imagined. Custom constructions are each time a unique case of aesthetic and functional improvement of a space. From the idea, to the design, to the production and finally to the placement, this whole cycle is for us a unique journey towards perfection!

We would be glad to follow us in this experience, through a project for your own space. Our team is ready and willing to create for you a piece of furniture or a construction, which will exude style and reliability, while at the same time serving your needs.

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